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PURA UV20 Series
The Hydrotech 5600DX Water Softener is available in meter initiated configurations. The electronics of the valve provide both the owner and installer a simple to operate, user-friendly method of making adjustments to the control and can be adjusted for the water chemistry required. Downflow or upflow regeneration cycles with continuous flow rate of 20 GPM.

Longer backwash times are recommended for higher concentrations of iron and turbidity. This cleans the resin more efficiently and prolongs its life. Ten tears on structural wound resin tank and brine tank. The brine tank comes assembled with fittings. Five years on the electronic valve head.
Hydrotech Digital Metered Model 5600DX-32M Water Softener (32,000 Grain). 9 x 48"
mineral tank, 1.0 cu. ft. high capacity resin, 18 x 33" brine tank, 2310 brine float, salt platform, 3/4" stainless steel bypass valve, 5600 digital on demand valve, floor space: 27 x 18 x 56".
Call if you need help with specifications! Our Price: $899.00
Water Softener

Hydrotech Digital Metered Model 5600DX-48M Water Softener (48,000 Grain). 10 x 54"
mineral tank, 1.5 cu. ft. high capacity resin, 18 x 33" brine tank, 2310 brine float, salt platform, 3/4" stainless steel bypass valve, 5600 digital on demand valve, floor space: 28 x 18 x 62".
Call if you need help with specifications! Our Price: $989.00
Water Softener

Hydrotech Digital Metered Model 5600DX-64M Water Softener (64,000 Grain). 12 x 48"
mineral tank, 2.0 cu. ft. high capacity resin, 18 x 33" brine tank, 2310 brine float, salt platform, 3/4" stainless steel bypass valve, 5600 digital on demand valve, floor space: 30 x 18 x 56".
Call if you need help with specifications! Our Price: $1,009.00
Water Softener

Simple, reliable, and easy-to-use, the Hydrotech 5600DX Electronic Meter Water Softener with Demand Valve is the latest water softener of one of the most popular systems used in the world.

Advanced technology for advanced performance! This rugged, time-tested unit, the 5600DX, gives the user the benefit of unique programming and diagnostic features previously unavailable on previous water softner units of this class of quality. One key NEW feature is the on-board capacitor, which keeps the correct time during a power outage for up to 48 hours! You may also program the system's regeneration sequence individually to maximize efficiency and keep water use to a minimum. Also, the system keeps time electronically, so the drive motor only runs during regeneration, saving the possiblity of motor burn-outs, and running more reliably.

The Hydrotech 5600DX Electronic Meter Water Softener can cut salt and water use by as much as 40%! Unlike timer-based systems, the meter-demand system regenerates only when necessary. Coupled with fully-programmable regenerations, the 5600DX can acheive even greater perforfmance. The end result? Significant savings in both water and salt, compared to a system with timer-based regeneration.

Fleck 5600SXT digital control valve with meter based regeneration for replacing or upgrading the current valve on most water softening systems. Digital controller provides a top-of-the-line experience with more efficiency and control than mechanical heads. LCD display shows important information and makes user interaction simple. Easy to use interface simplifies programming and makes setting up a breeze! Adjustable cycles allow complete control over the system, allowing you to fine tune each setting to get the most out of your system. Internal Backup maintains the correct time and prevents loss of settings in the event of a power outage.

Metered "On-Demand" regeneration reduces water and salt consumption. It also ensures you are never without treated water! Standard size mounting base has 2-1/2" - 8 NPSM threads that fit most standard softening tanks. Simply unscrew your old head and screw the new one on! Note: comes standard with 1" pilot opening for riser tube. Includes transformer for connecting to standard 110v outlet as well as flow controls on the brine and drain lines. Some "bargain" control valves do not include these key components. Note: Please specify the size of tank being used when ordering to ensure proper flow control sizing.

The Fleck 5600SXT works similar to the standard 5600 but uses a digital interface instead of a mechanical one. This makes setup easier, and with the digital control it can be set to go through up to 9,999 gallons of water between regenerations. The 5600SXT can be more efficient that the 5600 because of this, especially in larger homes with lower hardness levels. The other advantage the 5600SXT has is adjustable regeneration cycles, while in most cases these settings won't need to be adjusted, with the 5600SXT the option is there should you ever need it. Digital Controller Adjustable Cycles Battery Backup Meter Based Regeneration Fits Standard Tanks Includes Transformer & Flow Controls 5 year warranty

This Product Includes:

•Hydrotech 5600 SXT Meter Valve
•Plumbing Adapter (As Chosen From Options)
•8x44 Mineral Tank
•14x34 Square Salt Tank
•0.75 Cu Ft Hi-Capacity Resin, 8% Crosslink
•Valve-to-Brine Tank Tubing, 6 Ft. x 3/8"
•Brine Tank 2310 Safety Overflow Assembly

System Specifications:
•Regen Type: Meter Initiated (0-9,999 gal)
•Timer Type: Electronic
•Cycle Type: 5-Cycle Adjustable

•Electrical Requirements: 24vac/60hz (Plug-In Transformer Included)
•Limited Warranty: 5 yrs Valve & 10 yrs Tanks

Download Product Sheet.   Download Service Manual.   Download Install Guide
Optional System Upgrades
  • Turbulator: Ideal for private well water supply when low levels (up to .5ppm) of iron are found. Helps keep resin cleaner over years of use. Not for use with fine mesh resin option
  • Larger Brine Tank: Standard brine tank holds approximately 275lbs of salt. Upgrade for an extra 100lbs. of capacity
  • Tank Jacket: Reduce tank sweating and improve the appearance of your resin tank
  • C249 (or Aldex C800) resin upgrade for higher durability resin that will reduce resin degredation on chlorinated or even non-chlorinated waters. Helps your system perform more efficient over many years
  • Fine Mesh Resin (Aldex C800F) is designed for water with high iron levels over 0.5ppm and up to 5ppm. Reduces common fouling and allows for more efficient operation. Not for use with turbulator option
Q. What is a Bypass Valve for?

A. The Bypass valve is needed to put the water softener in bypass and still have water to the house. It's like having insurance it is there if you need it, but is seldom used. Note: if you already have a bypass valve installed in your plumbing system, use the Bypass Valve drop down menu to remove it from your order. This will lower your price by $16.00.

Q. What is a Safety Float?

A. The safety float is an emergency float. Its function is to make sure that the salt tank cannot overflow salt water all over your floor if the injectors on the water softener valve get plugged up. Without the safety float you could have a mess on your hands not to mention possible damage to the floor.

Q. What is a Brine Well for?

A. Brine well isolates the air check valve on the safety float from the rock salt or potassium chloride a substitute for rock salt that is environmentally friendly and healthy for humans from clogging up the air check valve and the water softener valve.

Q. What is a Grid Plate AKA Salt Platform?

A. Grid plate is at the bottom of the salt tank its purpose is to help the salt or potassium chloride from bridging up hardening over the top of the water. When this happens the water can’t dissolve the salt so when the water softener regenerates the resin beads will not get charged and your water will be hard.

Q. Why is the 8% Crosslink Resin better?

A. 8% crosslink is more resistant against chlorine than the 6% that most other companies offer. Therefore, the resin is intended to last longer.

Q. Why is an appropriate size mineral a.k.a Resin Tank important?

A. It is important to have a minimum of 12” to 15” of space between the top of the resin bed and the bottom of the control valve so the resin can get lifted and cleaned properly during backwash. If there is not proper space the resin will not perform properly and will go bad quickly. All of our tanks our sized properly and allow the proper 12” to 15” space.

Q. What size Brine Tank should I choose?

A. If you have the floor space choose the round 18x33 brine tank. It is built better than the rectangular and square tanks and holds more salt. We do not charge for the 18x33 brine tanks. Choose the size that is best for your application on our drop down menu. Please note: 64,000 grain capacity water softeners and up will not work properly with smaller brine tanks.

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